Most popular FAQs
  • What is tastecard?
    • tastecard is a digital subscription service designed to offer discounts for all our members to make having fun a little more affordable. 

      Our mission is to allow customers to experience more for less, and we're committed to providing the best possible savings through our services. The offers include*:

      ·       Dining discounts, including 2 for 1, 50% off food, and 25% off the total bill (including alcohol) at participating restaurants.

      ·       50% off pizza delivery from some of the nation's favourite pizza delivery services.

      ·        25% off barista-made drinks via our partnership with Coffee Club.

      ·        Member Perk discounts at 100s of UK retailers.

      ·        Discounted days out at the UK's best attractions.

      ·        Cinema discounts at 350+ locations.

      *Our offers depend on your subscription. You may not have access to all the benefits available; if you believe you should be able to access a specific discount and you're unable to, please feel free to get in touch via our contact us page.

  • How do I join?
    • It’s great to hear that you are thinking of joining tastecard.  We offer a variety of subscriptions to try and provide options which suit all. 

      Click here to see our current memberships.

      Generally, we offer at least 1 subscription with a special introductory offer to try tastecard without any large upfront costs. If you try tastecard and find it is not for you, you can simply cancel your subscription at any time within your trial period.

      However, if you love saving money and want to keep your tastecard, then this will continue automatically, and you will be able to carry on benefitting from being a tastecard member.

      With an average saving of £23 per restaurant visit, using your tastecard twice a year could make you your money back!

  • Contact us.
    • If our FAQs don't answer your questions, then our Customer Service team are more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

      If you'd like to speak to our Customer Service team, please use our contact us form to get in touch. Fill in the relevant details and use the drop-down arrow to select the reason for contacting us.

      Please include as much detail as possible to help us identify you and your account/membership details, along with information about the problem you're facing so that we can verify we are talking to the right person and handle your issue as quickly as possible.

  • How do I cancel my tastecard membership?
    • We're always sorry to see our customers cancel, but if tastecard isn't for you, here's how you cancel.

      You can cancel your membership at the end of its current term by visiting our cancellation page on our website. 

      Please note: Attempting to cancel your membership on the morning of your renewal will prompt a message asking you to contact our Customer Service team directly. Cancelling on the renewal day is too late to cancel, as you have entered your new membership term.

      You need to sign in via the icon in the top right corner and then fill in your details at the bottom of the page.

      You must input the details you used to create your membership to cancel your current subscription period.

      Once fully completed, you will see a confirmation message, and you will receive an email confirmation.

      If you want to talk to us directly, you can do this via our contact us page.

      Please note: Cancelling your membership will stop the next subscription fee from being processed. However, your current membership will remain active until the next expiry date. Any notification to cancel a subscription will be actioned from the date the cancellation is received. We are unable to perform a retrospective cancellation and refund previous renewal charges.