Money Saving Tips

Dining out on a budget.


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At tastecard, we know all about savings at restaurants and dining out on a budget. That’s precisely why we wanted to provide a guide on how to save money on restaurants when eating out. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant for the whole family or you’re going out with just your partner or friends, we’ve got plenty of ways to help you save money on delicious food. So, what are you waiting for? Find out our tips on dining out on a budget below!

How to save money at restaurants.

We’re all about providing the best restaurant deals at tastecard. We want you to save as much money as possible when eating out so not only do we provide offers and discounts, but we also wanted to give a guide on how to eat out on a budget. Here’s how you do it:

  • Set a budget

  • Look for deals and discounts

  • Explore affordable options

  • Skip extras

  • Eat during off-peak hours

Set a budget.

When dining out on a budget, you should first determine a specific amount you're comfortable spending. This will give you a clear guideline to follow and help you make informed decisions about where and what to eat. Having a budget will prevent you from overspending and allow you to enjoy meals without financial stress.

If you’re unsure of how to set a budget, browse menus online of high-street restaurants to figure out the kind of pricing for the specific dishes you may pick.

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Look for deals and discounts.

One of our top tips on how to save money on restaurants is to keep an eye out for special offers, coupons, and discounts. Many restaurants have happy hour deals, lunch specials, or promotions on specific days of the week. Take advantage of these opportunities to save money. Some restaurants may even have loyalty programs or reward cards that offer discounts, so consider signing up for those. 

With a tastecard subscription, you can gain access to a whole load of discounts and savings in thousands of eateries across the entirety of the UK. Enjoy plenty of  2 for 1 meals or 25% off the total bill , as well as tons of other deals on cinema ticket discounts, up to 50% off pizza deliveries and so much more.

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Explore affordable options.

While they are appealing, high-end restaurants can be quite expensive. There are plenty of dining out on a budget friendly options available that can give you just as good and memorable an experience. Consider food trucks, cafes, diners, or small local eateries, as they often offer delicious food at much lower prices. These types of establishments can provide unique dining experiences while being more friendly to your finances compared to high-end establishments, and even well-known brands.

Skip extras.

Another tip for how to save money while eating out is to pay attention to additional costs that can add up quickly. You could skip starters and desserts, as they are often priced higher compared to main dishes. But if you're using your tastecard to dine at a 2 for 1 restaurant, go ahead and treat yourself!

If you fancy a coffee at any point, with a tastecard membership you’re in luck! When you join tastecard, you’re automatically entered into the UK’s largest coffee club and are entitled to 25% off barista-made drinks at Caffè Nero and a whole range of independent coffee shops and cafés. So whether you’re thirsty for a coffee or fancy treating yourself to an ice-cold fruity frappé, you can rely on tastecard to get you those savings.

Eat during off-peak hours.

Our final tip for saving money when eating out involves eating during specific hours of the day. Some restaurants offer discounts or special menus during off-peak hours. By dining during these times, you can take advantage of lower prices while still enjoying a good meal. Be sure to check if the restaurant has any specific time-based deals or happy hour specials to try and save as much money as you can. Also, with a tastecard subscription, you can take advantage of great deals during peak hours – something to consider to avoid eating at strange times!

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Start saving with tastecard.

Now that you’ve found out all of our tips on how to save money on restaurants, why not sign up to tastecard today and enjoy a whole range of member perks including 2 for 1s and up to 50% off your food, depending upon where you choose to visit? That’s not all though, we also offer days out deals across the entirety of the UK!

tastecard is simply the perfect idea for the foodie looking to explore a variety of restaurants for as much as half the price, so what are you waiting for?​​ Dining out on a budget has never been so easy!


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