How much should I budget for dining out?


Dylan Mitchell

Whether you enjoy dining out in cosy cafés or high-end restaurants, one question often arises; how much should I budget for dining out? The answer isn’t one-size-fits-all. It depends on your lifestyle, income, and the type of food and style of dining you prefer. A good rule of thumb is to spend around 10-15% of your monthly income on entertainment, which should include dining out. With tastecard, you can claim some big discounts at top restaurants and cosy bistros, so whatever your stomach is after you can enjoy more while spending less.

We can help with more than just dining out too. You can make your budget go further with our Coffee Club and discounts on days out and entertainment venues like cinemas and bowling alleys. This can give you more to spend on dining out and make even more savings. So, let’s get this sorted once and for all and find out how much you should be spending, and how much you could be saving, dining out with tastecard.

Dishing Up a Dining Out Budget.

Crunching the Numbers.

Creating a personal dining-out budget starts with a clear understanding of your current spending habits. Begin by tracking your dining expenses for a month. Keep receipts or make notes of each time you eat out, including the cost. This will give you a realistic picture of your spending patterns. Are your dining choices leaning more toward impromptu takeaways or planned restaurant visits? Finding out is crucial in understanding where your money goes.

Dining Out Data Analysis.

Once you have this data, categorise your dining-out occasions. Are they mostly social gatherings, work-related, or convenience-driven? This categorisation helps in identifying areas where you can potentially cut back or reallocate funds. If you find that a significant portion of your budget goes to work lunches think about taking a packed lunch to work so you have more to spend on dining out.

The Hard Part.

This is the toughest step in the budgeting process. Set a monthly limit for dining out. This limit should be realistic and flexible enough to accommodate special occasions, and having a tastecard is going to help a lot. Whatever your limit is, your tastecard can help you get more for your money with two-for-one meal deals and discounts of 25% off your total bill. Sticking to your dining-out budget is a lot easier when you can get savings like these.

Maximising Your Dining Budget with tastecard.

Savvy Savings on Every Meal.

Your tastecard is your ticket to unlocking incredible savings at a wide array of restaurants across the UK and at more places than just restaurants. Whether you're planning a romantic dinner, a family day out, or a casual lunch with friends, your tastecard can unlock some super savings. With a huge choice of chain restaurants and independent eateries on offer, you can enjoy more dining out experiences every month by dining out with your tastecard.

A Treat for Coffee Lovers.

For those who cherish their daily coffee ritual, tastecard’s Coffee Club can put even more wonga back into your wallet. Your morning latte, afternoon espresso, or a comforting cappuccino on a rainy day won’t just taste good, it’ll feel good too. The Coffee Club is an ideal way to indulge in your coffee passion without the guilt of overspending on your love of lattes. A tastecard gets you 25% off barista-made coffee at 1000s of independent coffee shops across the country and at chains including Caffè Nero, Krispy Kreme, Black Sheep Coffee, and more.

Variety Without the Expense.

One of the joys of dining out is taking the opportunity to explore a new culinary world without straining your finances. A tastecard membership opens the door to a diverse range of dining experiences across the UK whether your palate leans towards the exotic flavours of international cuisine or the comforting familiarity of British classics. There is a massive menu of dining out options available with tastecard, each offering a trip for the tastebuds and savvy-savings along the way. A tastecard is your ticket to dining out in style while staying on budget.

Balancing Fun and Your Budget.

Finding the right balance between dining out and maintaining your budget requires planning. Set your limit, plan your dining out experiences, and try to make small savings where and when you can so you can enjoy a few extras when you go to a restaurant.

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