Who has the best burgers? Best burgers in Manchester


Dylan Mitchell

Mmm. Is there anything better than a large, juicy, succulent burger? Here at tastecard we don’t think so. In fact, we could absolutely nail a burger right this very minute - and if you're here we know you could too! We are also aficionados of the Manchester restaurant scene because our head office is located in the bustling city centre; it’s dangerous because with our tastecard memberships we save so much money on eating out and yet we stay true to our burger-loving roots. 

If your taste buds are tingling, telling you to go home and grill that burger now, then you might just change your mind with our lip-smackingly good list of the best burger eateries in Manchester. Read on to whet your appetite and get the juices flowing:

Let’s get back to (burger) basics

Here at tastecard towers we like to pose the big questions; just why are Burger King burgers so very good? Well, the clue is in the name. They are the ‘King’ of burgers because producing the highest quality meat patties is straight down the centre of their sesame-seeded bun. We’ve investigated why their speedily produced burgers are so much better than other convenience food destinations and, believe it or not, there is a soupcon of science and a healthy dollop of engineering involved. 

Burger King uses a ‘flame broiler’ to grill all their juicy hamburgers. Who knew? The fresh and moist patties are placed on a specially constructed conveyer belt that slowly travels over a multitude of gas-powered flames. The flames scorch and sizzle the hamburger to a perfect internal temperature of 165 degrees of heat causing it to be lightly char. This is how they achieve the distinctive flame-grilled taste. 

A trip to the Burger King at the Trafford Centre is always a reliable source of beautiful burger action. Shopping is a great way to work up an appetite and the eateries at the Trafford Centre are handily placed so that you can snaffle a quick and convenient Burger King meal in the comfort of a light and bright undercover seating area. With tastecard, you can enjoy 25% off your entire order. The restaurant can be found on the lower mall of the Trafford Centre.

Shake-up your expectations

If movie-mania is your thing as well as busting your buttons with burgers then you’re in the right place because we’ve recently discovered Hollywood Burgers & Shakes just outside of Manchester city-centre. Each of their freshly prepared burgers takes its name from either a cult film or TV show. There’s the ‘Raging Bull’ burger which is named after the eponymous film and comes stacked (and we mean STACKED!) with not one but two beef patties, hand-crafted lamb donner meat, grilled onions, jalapenos, spicy chilli sauce and American cheese. Phew! 

Or, how about the ‘Shrek Burger’ if you’re a lean, green vegetarian? In homage to the lead character’s skin pallor, this ‘green’ patty is breadcrumbed and fashioned from green vegetables, then wholesomely topped with house mayo and a delicious layer of American cheese. You could add one of this specialist chain’s much loved milk shakes to your burger of choice and really go long on the stateside vibes. You’ll get 2 for 1 on most of the menu when you show your tastecard to your server.

Hollywood Burgers and Shakes is located at 30 Copson Street, Withington, Manchester M20 3HB

The Italian Job - but make it meaty

Burgers are not all made equal. There we said it. Here at tastecard we like to sniff out the very best in deals and the very best burgers in our home city. When one of the hq team mentioned sampling a burger at the quintessentially Italian Carluccio's we were a little nonplussed. Although we regularly dine at the Piccadilly station location and we make a point of gorging on the exquisite antipasti boards - there’s a reason why this chain has consistently four star reviews on trip advisor - we had not, until recently sampled their burgers. 

We were duly impressed with the classic Carluccio’s burger - a moist grilled beef patty, moreish mozzarella cheese and a dollop of fresh mayonnaise all housed in a pleasing brioche style bun and served with fries. Delicious. If you fancy a change from beef then the mouth-watering menu also offers a chicken milanese burger; crispy rosemary breadcrumb-coated chicken breast, fresh mayonnaise, a slice of perfect pancetta and fries. This combination was truly flavoursome and we’ll definitely be making a return visit. 

Carluccio's can be found just next to Manchester Piccadilly station a Unit 21 on the first floor of the station building itself. You’ll need to book in advance to get a table because these station-side locations are very busy and don’t forget to mention that you’ll be using your tastecard so as to get 25% off your total bill.

Images sourced directly from partners and/or their Instagram accounts. All restaurants available on tastecard at the time of publishing.

Savings & Burgers are a perfect combo

The burger renaissance has arrived and these days we want not just a perfect patty, but we want it with all the trimmings. We want it speedily. American style. Italian style. As if this wasn’t enough, we need to know that our burger obsession isn’t going to break the bank. Here at tastecard we know how to deliver. Burgers AND savings. The burger game has changed as has the economic climate; so join tastecard  and start saving big on days out deals, discount cinema tickets and a whole host of other entertainment choices . Download the tastecard app and start your burger bonanza today.